TMJ Treatment / Teeth Grinding

Stop Your Teeth From Causing Pain!
  • Protect your tooth enamel against damage
  • Relieve jaw tension by healing your joints
  • Treat jaw problems comfortably with a mouthguard

End Chronic Jaw Pain With TMJ Treatment in Oxnard, CA

One of the smallest yet most overworked joints in your body is the temporomandibular joint, or TMJ. It controls the movement of your jaw, allowing you to open and close your mouth, chew your food, yawn, laugh, sing, and more. That’s why you may experience a host of unpleasant symptoms when the joint is out of alignment. But our non-invasive TMJ treatment in Oxnard, CA can:

  • End your chronic jaw pain and facial soreness
  • Ease the muscle tension in your neck, shoulders, and back
  • Prevent teeth grinding that causes damaging dental wear-and-tear
  • Stop the headaches often experienced by those with TMJ dysfunction

Our team at Anacapa Dental Art Institute can provide lasting relief from TMJ pain. Call 805-800-8289 today for an appointment with one of our expert dentists.

Stop Grinding Your Teeth & Start Feeling Better With a Mouthguard

TMJ problems affect millions of Americans. Too often, people suffer for far too long without realizing their painful symptoms are related to their jaw joint. The good news is, your dentist can tell simply by looking inside your mouth.

A TMJ disorder (TMD) is often linked to teeth grinding, a habit most people don’t know they have. Our team can spot the signs when we notice during your dental cleaning and exam that some of your teeth are worn or damaged. You might be grinding your teeth or clenching your jaw involuntarily while you sleep or as a result of stress.

No matter the cause, this habit puts a lot of pressure on your jaw joint. It leads to uncomfortable symptoms like frequent headaches, earache pain, lockjaw, clicking or popping noises while chewing, and soreness in the jaw, face, neck, and shoulders. It’s common to have chipped, cracked, or worn-down teeth as well.

We can provide an effective, comfortable solution to end teeth grinding and relieve your pain. A customized mouthguard will:

  • Prevent you from grinding your teeth while you sleep
  • Keep your jaw in the right position so it can heal naturally
  • Help you enjoy more restful sleep
  • Feel more comfortable than a store-bought mouthguard because of its superior custom fit

You may also benefit from clear aligner therapy to correct your bite alignment. Whether it’s a mouthguard or orthodontic treatment, you will start to feel better and have peace of mind that your teeth are protected.

End chronic pain and start enjoying your life again with TMJ treatment in Oxnard, CA. Call Anacapa Dental Art Institute today at 805-800-8289 for an appointment. You can also schedule online.

Common Questions About TMJ Treatment / Teeth Grinding

How long does TMJ treatment take?

We understand you want to end the pain caused by a TMJ disorder as soon as you can. The truth is that treatment can take weeks or months, depending on the severity of your situation and what needs to be done. For most patients, an oral appliance is the perfect solution in and of itself. For others, orthodontics or restorations may be needed to realign teeth to reduce grinding for the long term.

Will insurance pay for my TMJ treatment?

Your insurance may pay for a portion of the cost of your TMJ treatment. We recommend you check with your carrier to determine what they will and won’t cover. We’ll work with your insurance to maximize your benefits and ensure that your out-of-pocket cost is minimal. In addition, we also offer third-party financing, if you are concerned about being able to afford treatment. Our team wants you to get the help you need to feel better.

Is TMJ causing my headaches?

It’s possible, yes. Inflammation of the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) can lead to pain in the surrounding muscles of the head and neck, which can be misinterpreted as migraines. By wearing a mouthguard, you can alleviate the pain caused by TMJ inflammation and potentially experience relief from headaches.

What are the signs of a TMJ disorder?

Signs of a TMJ disorder may include jaw pain, clicking or popping sounds when chewing, difficulty opening the mouth completely, facial pain, headaches, and ear pain or ringing. Some people may also experience neck and shoulder pain or toothaches unrelated to dental problems. Also, your jaw may feel locked or stuck. If you experience any of these symptoms, it is important to visit our practice for help.

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