Gum Recession Treatment

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Replenish Your Gums With Our Gum Recession Treatment in Oxnard

An attractive smile doesn’t just mean your teeth, but your gums as well. When you want to restore your pink, healthy gumline, you’ll want to pursue gum recession treatment in Oxnard. At Anacapa Dental Art Institute, we have an in-house periodontist who will improve your dental health and replenish any receding gum tissue. Dr. Gordon is an expert in his field, and you can rely on him to:

  • Give you confidence in your smile again
  • Reduce your tooth sensitivity
  • Address any underlying gum health issues
  • Protect your tooth roots so you are less susceptible to decay
  • Utilize material that is compatible to the rest of your body

If you’re a new patient, call 805-800-8289 for a complimentary consultation. We’ll show you our state-of-the-art facility and discuss the best way to improve the appearance of your smile.

Enjoy Smiling Again By Treating Your Receding Gumline

While the most common reason for gum recession is infected gum tissue, there are other causes for your gums to recede. It may be a result of an injury, brushing too hard, tobacco usage, or tongue or lip piercings. If the cause is gum disease, Dr. Gordon’s focus will be on restoring your gum health. He uses advanced techniques such as laser treatment to eliminate infected tissue and harmful plaque in your gumline.

Once he determines you are ready to restore receding gums, he’ll utilize one of these methods:

  • Bonding Treatment – For early stages of gum recession, we can place a gum-colored bonding material along your gumline. It will look and feel like natural gum tissue, so you can feel confident when you smile.
  • Gum Repositioning – Your periodontist will make a small incision, the size of a pinhole, and gently reposition your gumline so it covers unsightly tooth roots.
  • Gum Grafting – If you have more advanced signs of gum recession, Dr. Gordon can perform a grafting procedure utilizing tissue from your mouth or donor tissue.

If you have dental anxiety, we have several sedation options including laughing gas, oral sedation through a small pill, and IV sedation. We can even offer general anesthesia from a licensed anesthesiologist if you want to sleep through your procedure.

Reveal a healthy gumline with our gum recession treatment in Oxnard. Call 805-800-8289 or schedule online. We have Saturday appointments available upon request.


Common Questions About Gum Recession Treatment

Can gum recession be treated?

Yes. If it looks like your gums are pulling back from your teeth, or your teeth seem longer than they used to, we can perform a safe and effective gum recession treatment that can reduce your risk for further oral health problems such as tooth or bone loss. We’ll go over your options and discuss the specifics of this procedure during your consultation appointment.

Is gum recession treatment painful?

We take steps to keep you free from pain during your gum recession treatment. Using dental sedation, we can block your pain as your dentist works. During your recovery, you may experience some pain, but we will advise you on steps you can take to minimize your discomfort during this time.

Can gum recession be treated naturally?

While it may be possible to treat some gum recession naturally, perhaps with over-the-counter medications, professional treatment is advised in most circumstances to help you avoid significant problems such as tooth and bone loss. It’s simply not worth it to risk your oral health on treatments that may or may not be effective at stopping gum recession and protecting your smile.

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