Become a Candidate for Implants With a Sinus Lift in Oxnard

Getting dental implants gives you a wide range of benefits, including better jawbone health and improved oral function. However, for patients who have experienced significant bone loss, you may need certain procedures before we can place your artificial tooth roots. At Anacapa Dental Art Institute, our sinus lift in Oxnard will raise the sinus area to make room for implants in your upper jaw. This treatment will:

  • Take you one step closer to dental implants
  • Strengthen the bone in your upper jaw
  • Be completed by a dentist experienced in this procedure
  • Go smoothly with our modern technology and sedation options

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Prepare Your Upper Jaw for Dental Implants

When you are getting implants in your upper jaw, it may be necessary to raise the sinus floor, so we have enough space to place these artificial tooth roots. We may also need to replace bone material in this area to give implants the support they require. While it’s understandable to feel nervous about the procedure, here’s how we ensure a comfortable experience:

  • Up-to-Date Technology – We use intraoral cameras, digital X-rays, and 3-D imaging to capture images of your mouth. This  helps us plan your procedure properly.
  • Sedation Options – We have sedation available through laughing gas, a small pill, or an IV. We can also offer general anesthesia if you’d prefer to sleep through the procedure and wake up when it’s over.
  • Experienced Team – We have two in-house prosthodontists with vast experience in implant placement. Dr. Jivraj is a world-renowned expert in his field, with dentists around the world using his knowledge to improve their implant placements. Dr. Giraldo has taught graduate students about implants and other challenging reconstructive procedures.

Once your procedure is complete, it may take time for your mouth to heal before we can move forward with implants. Once you are ready, we’ll move forward with treatments like All-on-4® Denal Implants Plus or full mouth reconstruction. For more information on our innovative approach, watch this informative video with Dr. Jivraj.

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