Same-Day Smile Get Implants & Teeth In One Visit!
  • We offer warranties on implants & restorations
  • Stay calm with sedation options, including general anesthesia
  • Trust your smile to implant experts

Change Your Life With a Same-Day Smile in Oxnard

Imagine starting your day with missing teeth and finishing it up with a complete set of healthy teeth. Our expert team can turn this dream into a reality with our same-day smile in Oxnard. With our skills and advanced training, we can place your implants and replacement teeth in just a single appointment. Following this procedure, you will:

  • Eat the foods you love without having to wait
  • Look younger with a vibrant smile
  • Complete your implant treatment with fewer appointments
  • Love your smile again without feeling self-conscious

If you’re a new patient, call 805-800-8289 for a complimentary consultation. You’ll get the chance to see our state-of-the-art facilities and discuss the treatment process with your dentist. Before you know it, you’ll have the smile you’ve always wanted!

Get Your New Smile in One Appointment

Actual Before & After*

By choosing Anacapa Dental Art Institute for your same-day implant procedure, you’ll receive treatment from a world-renowned implant dentist. Dr. Raj Jivraj has been featured in many media outlets and has even written a textbook on the All-on-4® procedure used by dentists around the world. Graftless Solutions for the Edentulous Patient is now in its second edition. He is one of two  prosthodontists on our team. The other is Dr. Deicy Giraldo. Both are highly trained in giving you restorations that return the function of your smile.

Here is what you can expect during the procedure:

  • We’ll first examine your mouth to determine if a same-day smile treatment is right for you. Some patients may need a bone grafting procedure, sinus lift, or ridge augmentation before we can place implants. However, because we use advanced techniques to preserve more of your bone and gum structure, there is less chance you will need one of these treatments.
  • Then, we’ll perform an All-on-4 Plus procedure. Our team will determine if four or more implants are needed to support your new teeth. Then, implants will be strategically placed in your upper or lower jaw. We’ll utilize 3-D scanners and computer-guided placement to ensure the process goes perfectly. Watch this video with Dr. Jivraj to learn more about this innovative technique.
  • Next, we’ll place a set of temporary prosthetic teeth in your mouth, so you can leave our office with a complete smile. You’ll be able to enjoy normal oral function while your implants heal. Plus, your temporary set of teeth will look beautiful, so there is no need to feel self-conscious while your mouth heals. In about four to six months, you’ll return to our office for your customized restorations. They will be made of Zirconia, a lifelike and strong material, created by master technicians in our on-site lab. Since our technicians are closely supervised by Dr. Jivraj, you’re assured of the highest quality.

We know some patients have anxiety about the dentist. We can provide dental sedation to ease your nerves. You’ll have several choices including general anesthesia, an option not offered at most practices.

To help you feel comfortable making this investment, we offer a five-year warranty on implants and a 10-year warranty on your restorations. We want you to feel confident about your treatment every step of the way!

Find out if a same-day smile in Oxnard is right for you by calling 805-800-8289 or scheduling online.

Common Questions About Same-Day Smile

What is a same-day smile?

A same-day smile procedure allows you to get your dental implants and new teeth all in the same day. In just one visit, you can get a mouth full of beautiful, functional teeth that you’ll be proud to show off to everyone. We can even remove any remaining teeth at the same time to make room for your new teeth.

How much does a same-day smile cost?

Every person is different, and each patient has a unique set of needs. Once we’ve had a chance to examine you and take digital images, we can give you an accurate estimate of your investment in your smile. We’ll make sure you have all the information needed to decide what’s best for you and your smile.

Who is a good candidate for a same-day smile?

If you have a strong and healthy jawbone, then you may be a good candidate for a same-day smile procedure. When you come in for your initial consultation, X-rays and 3-D imaging will help us determine if your jaw is thick enough to get your implants and new teeth all in one day. Even if a same-day smile isn’t right for you, we have other implant options that will give you back your teeth.

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