On-Site Dental Lab

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  • Your custom resotrations will look beautiful
  • We can make your crowns in a single visit
  • Our advanced dental tech improves your experience
We Create Beautiful Smiles With Our On-Site Lab in Oxnard

We Create Beautiful Smiles With Our On-Site Lab in Oxnard

One of the biggest advantages of visiting Anacapa Dental Art Institute for your smile needs is our on-site dental lab in Oxnard. Our master technicians create your customized new teeth right here in our office. With this service handled in-house, Dr. Jivraj oversees the production of your new smile, from start to finish. As a result, you will experience:

  • Streamlined appointments since many restorations can be made while you wait
  • Precise results monitored by an expert prosthodontist
  • Improved quality control and simplified adjustments, as needed
  • Better treatment planning since we monitor the entire process

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Experience Excellent Outcomes With Our In-House Lab

From the moment Dr. Jivraj makes impressions of your teeth, whether it’s for a single crown or for dentures, you receive top-of-the-line attention from our in-house lab. Our master technicians devote tremendous attention to every detail of your future teeth. With your needs in mind, we can accommodate any specific requests, including style specifications.

Among our many in-house lab solutions, we perform:

  • Adjustments – Our technicians can perform a relining procedure, so your dentures fit more comfortably. Or we can make any minor changes that are needed for you to maintain a beautiful smile. These modifications can be done while you wait!
  • Dental Repairs – Cracked, chipped, or otherwise broken restorations can be repaired in hours.
  • Full Optimization – You can feel confident knowing that everything has been done to ensure your new teeth fit and feel to your liking. We guarantee superior fit, appearance, and comfort.

Whether you need a dental crown, veneers, bridges, or dentures, your restorations will be made by our expert team. Dentists from around the country come to visit our on-site lab. That’s how top-of-the-line the technology is at our practice. Dr. Jivraj invests in your entire patient experience. You can trust your most complex needs in his hands.

Call 805-800-8289 to see our Oxnard in-house dental lab in person. You can also ​​schedule online.

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