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Protect Your Oral Health With a Tooth Extraction in Oxnard

No patient wants to hear they need a tooth extraction in Oxnard. At Anacapa Dental Art Institute, we have four in-house specialists who will focus on doing what’s necessary for you to avoid this procedure. However, if one infected tooth could potentially put other healthy teeth at risk, removal may be the best way to keep your smile intact. If we determine it’s essential, you’ll benefit from:

  • Advanced dental technology, such as digital X-rays and digital scanners, for a smoother procedure
  • Dental sedation, including the option of general anesthesia if you feel particularly nervous about treatment
  • Same-day appointments whenever possible if you are dealing with a dental emergency
  • Our in-house lab for lifelike replacement teeth that blend in with your smile

Don’t ignore pain in your mouth. See us right away if you suspect you may need to have a tooth removed. Call 805-800-8289 for an appointment.

Remove Wisdom Teeth Before They Become Problematic

Stats Image Decay is the #1 reason for extraction, followed by gum disease. Source.
If you are between the ages of 17 to 25, you probably have noticed that your wisdom teeth are coming in. These third molars are the last of our adult teeth. Unfortunately, they can cause problems, especially if they don’t erupt properly. Luckily, our dentists can help. We can extract wisdom teeth, including impacted ones.

This procedure is a smooth process that can be done in a single appointment. It’s important that you feel comfortable while you are with us. If you are nervous, we offer sedation options to relieve your anxiety, including general anesthesia.

When Possible, Our Team Will Help You Avoid an Extraction

We strive to avoid extractions whenever possible. Before we move forward with removing a tooth, we focus on treating the root of the problem. For example, if an infection in your gumline is threatening your teeth, our periodontist can treat the disease, even in its advanced stages. Or if an infection has reached the pulp of the tooth, our in-house endodontist can perform a safe and gentle root canal that keeps your tooth intact.

Unfortunately, when a tooth is too damaged or an infection puts your overall oral health at risk, an extraction may be necessary. Once the tooth has been removed, one of our two in-house prosthodontists can replace your tooth with restorations such as:

  • Dental Crown With an Implant –  You can replace a single tooth with a dental crown by pairing it with an implant.
  • Standard Dental Bridge – A bridge anchors to nearby teeth and can replace one or several teeth in a row.
  • Implant-Supported Bridge – You can attach a bridge to implants instead of removing dental structure from healthy teeth for the procedure.

Both Dr. Jivraj and Dr. Giraldo are experts in restoring teeth. Dr. Jivraj has written a textbook about implants used by dentists around the world. Graftless Solutions for the Edentulous Patient is now in its second edition. His expertise is sought after by fellow professionals, and he teaches courses for Nobel Biocare. Meanwhile, Dr. Giraldo has instructed graduate students in complex procedures such as implant placements.

If you are concerned you may need a tooth extraction in Oxnard, call 805-800-8289 for an appointment. You can also schedule online. Saturday appointments are available upon request.

Common Questions About Tooth Removal / Extractions

How long does it take a tooth removal to heal?

For most standard tooth removals, you can expect the extraction site to heal in about seven to 10 days. You can play a big role in the actual healing time, however. Following your aftercare instructions and limiting your physical exertion for a few days will help you heal faster and more comfortably.

Does tooth removal hurt?

Your comfort is a high priority for us. We’ll do all we can to make sure that your extraction is as comfortable as possible. We’ll thoroughly numb the area around the tooth before doing any work. If you’re nervous about your procedure, you can always opt for IV sedation to put you in a dreamy state or general anesthesia, so you can sleep through the procedure while we take care of your extraction.

When is tooth removal necessary?

It’s usually best to keep a tooth in place as long as possible. However, if a tooth is too diseased or damaged to save with a restorative procedure like a root canal or dental crown, we will suggest removal. Sometimes teeth need to be removed to make room for dentures or other restorations. We may also recommend extraction prior to orthodontic treatment. Or if your wisdom teeth are coming in, we can remove them before they become problematic to your smile or if they have already impacted other teeth.

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