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Get Relief by Treating Dry Mouth in Oxnard

A dry mouth is bad for your teeth, bad for your gums, and bad for you. When your mouth is dry, it becomes a better home for harmful bacteria. That can lead to a variety of problems, such as an increased risk of tooth decay and periodontal disease. Fortunately, you can treat your dry mouth in Oxnard, CA with the help of our team of experts. By coming here, you can:

  • Address the root cause of your condition
  • Find a long-term solution for your situation
  • Stop the discomfort that comes with a dry mouth
  • Better digest your food

Be good to your mouth by doing something about your xerostomia as soon as possible. Call 805-800-8289 to schedule an appointment at Anacapa Dental Art Institute.

Turn to Our Team for Better Treatment

You may not realize how important saliva is to your oral and overall health. Saliva helps you remove food particles and rinse away harmful bacteria from your teeth. It also keeps the soft tissues of your mouth from becoming dehydrated. You also may not be aware of how many things can contribute to a dry mouth. You could be having problems because of one or more of these causes:

  • Alcohol and tobacco use
  • Cancer treatments
  • Diabetes, strokes, and other health issues
  • Drug use
  • Getting older
  • Medications, including antihistamines, decongestants, diuretics, and painkillers
  • Nerve damage

Some of these are things you can control, and some are things that happen to you. Either way, we want you to find the right solution for your particular situation. We may be a general dental office, but we have specialists on our team. That means you can get expert advice on how to address your chronic condition.

Don’t ignore the ongoing issues that affect your oral health. Take action today to treat your dry mouth in Oxnard, CA. Call 805-800-8289 or schedule online to make an appointment with one of our doctors at Anacapa Dental Art Institute.

Common Questions About Dry Mouth

What does dry mouth mean?

If you have a chronic dry mouth, there could be a number of causes for this condition. It could be as a result of a medication you’re taking, lack of sufficient saliva production, or a disease such as diabetes. Radiation treatment for cancer can also cause a dry mouth. We’ll get to the root cause of your problem before any recommendations are made.

How can you treat dry mouth at home?

Depending on the cause of your dry mouth, you can take successful steps to remedy the condition. It may be as simple as drinking more water to keep you well hydrated. We can also recommend specialty products you can use at home to help keep your mouth moist so you feel more comfortable.

Can dry mouth cause bad breath?

Unfortunately, a dry mouth can cause bad breath. To alleviate these symptoms, you can chew sugarless gum or mints, or try an alcohol-free mouthwash. We’ll work with you to get to the cause of your problem so it can be successfully treated. Our team will help you avoid a dry mouth and bad breath and the awkward social encounters these conditions can cause.

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