Welcome to the first of many dental blogs from your friends at Anacapa Dental Art Institute. We’re glad you found us because now you have a great resource for the latest oral health news and smile tips, as well as a trusted team of experts to meet all of your dental care needs. We hope to see you soon at our Oxnard, CA dental office, where you’ll find the full spectrum of modern, comprehensive treatments for a healthy mouth and a fantastic-looking smile. For our first blog, we’re highlighting just some of the unique features that set our dental practice apart and keep our happy patients coming back.

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Your Smile Is in Great Hands With Our Team of Specialists

You can count on us for full-service dentistry in one convenient location. From routine preventive care like dental cleanings and exams to the most complicated procedures to completely reconstruct your smile, we have a whole team of specialists available to you so you don’t have to travel all over town to find the care you need. Drs. Saj Jivraj and Deicy Giraldo are both experienced prosthodontists with advanced training and expertise in the art of tooth replacement solutions, including dental implants. Our team also includes specialists in periodontics and endodontics.

We house our own on-site dental lab run by a master technician for more efficient care. You’ll even have the option of general anesthesia if you require multiple procedures or are extremely fearful of dental appointments. We have a contract with a trusted physician who can administer it. With 100-plus years of combined experience, we’re proud to offer expertise-driven care you can trust.

Benefit From Our Holistic Approach to Dental Care

Whether you just want to maintain healthy teeth and gums or need to replace an entire arch of teeth, you’ll find all sorts of ways to achieve your goals. Dr. Jivraj has authored several books about the latest techniques to restore smiles, from single-tooth to full-mouth reconstructions, so you’re in the hands of a true expert. You can also choose from a wide range of cosmetic dentistry options, from simple teeth whitening treatments to complete smile makeovers!

An additional benefit of being our patient is our commitment to biocompatible dentistry, a unique approach to dental care that takes your total health into account. We use safe, non-toxic materials like metal-free fillings to not only promote good oral health but to encourage your body’s natural ability to heal.

Feel Relaxed During Dental Appointments With Sedation Options

It’s no secret that visiting the dentist isn’t everyone’s favorite thing to do. But most people can get beyond mild nervousness enough to get routine care. For particularly fearful patients, you’ll be happy to know that you don’t have to avoid the dentist any longer. We offer three different types of dental sedation so you can choose the method that best suits your anxiety level and will calm your nerves so you can relax throughout your treatment.

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading our Oxnard, CA dental blog and hope to see you soon. Call Anacapa Dental Art Institute today at 805-800-8289 for an appointment. You can also schedule online.