If you’re part of the Baby Boomer generation, you’re reaching a phase of life that offers a bit more time to take care of yourself. Like finally replacing those missing teeth, uncomfortable dental bridges or loose dentures with dental implants, for instance. If you’ve decided to pursue dental implant restoration, you’ll want to choose the very best provider for the job, which means a skilled and experienced Prosthodontist like Dr. Jivraj. After all, you’ve been around long enough to know the value of training and experience when you need something done right, so why settle for less when you’re choosing a provider for your dental implants in Oxnard near Camarillo, Ventura County.

Why Implant Dentist Experience Matters

Dental implants are quite an investment and they are designed to last a lifetime, so you will, of course, want them done well. Finding the right rosthodontist to place your implants may be the most important step you’ll take in reaching that goal. All sorts of dental professionals offer dental implants in Oxnard, Ventura these days, ranging from periodontists and general dentists to dental “teams” at dental care chain stores. So why is important to choose the very best one?

Because implant placement isn’t a simple procedure, despite all the advertisements touting quick and easy new smiles. Each implant must be put in place with precision to ensure the ideal depth and placement for solid support of replacement teeth, as well as to avoid contact with nerves or sinus cavities that can cause painful complications. Accomplishing that ideal placement takes skill and experience not only in surgical techniques, but also in the planning of the procedure. Surgical planning for implant placement is an exacting and individualized process, requiring a thorough knowledge of oral and facial anatomy and a great deal of experience in assessing the varied needs and desires of each patient.

So How Do You Find The Best Qualified Provider?

Start with a list of prosthodontists who place dental implants in Oxnard, CA, since they are surgical specialists, the only dental care providers who are required to undergo a minimum of four years of hands-on surgical training in a hospital based surgical residency program. Then, check into each of them, finding out how long they’ve been in practice, how many dental implant procedures they’ve performed and what their overall dental implant success rates are. Ask whether they’re using the latest technology in their practices, such as 3-D imaging, and make sure they’re working with top-notch restoration specialists.

A good Prosthodontist will be happy to answer your questions, since a well-informed and involved patient is and ideal one, so if you meet one who seems impatient or annoyed by them, cross him or her off your list. Feeling confident that your surgeon makes your peace of mind and comfort a priority is as important as his or her credentials and experience. Last, but not least, don’t rush things. Taking your time to research your options carefully before diving in can spare you a lot of hassle and expense, ensuring that you get the beautiful, natural-looking results you expect from your investment in dental implant restoration.

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