The temporary veneers are designed to look like permanent veneers but they do not feel as final restorations which are smoother and also lifelike in their appearance. Teeth may be sensitive to the temperature or chewing with temporary veneers but it can end if the final restorations are installed. Some of the patients can experience some contraction sensation and the tightness caused by hot and cold beverage. It is something normal that you cannot experience with the permanent restoration. With temporary veneers, you have to avoid taking hard foods which are also chewy.

The patient feels some discomfort with preparation appointment. Every patient can have different level of tooth sensitivity. The discomfort can be relieved easily in many cases by taking ibuprofen.

If you have temporary veneers, it is important to ensure that the gums are healthy between the cementation and preparation. For this, the Oxnard Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Jivraj will give

  • Hydrogen peroxide syringe which is refillable and it may be used on gum line 3 up to 4 times up to the time you go for the next appointments
  • The patient may be given antibiotics to use as mouth rinse before the date of appointment

The temporary veneer should be made using acrylic plastic material and they have to be worn for some time and the permanent veneers are made in the lab. The temporary veneers are bonded on the teeth which mean that they can be removed easily in order to place temporary veneer. This is why the patient may experience minimal cold sensitivity.

When the temporary veneer falls off or is detached, then it should be replaced at once.

The temporary veneer may feel bulky and it will not be the right color as the one you had chosen

Sensitivity to the cold is something normal and it will subside when the permanent veneers had been added. With temporary veneers, it is better to avoid taking hot or cold liquids.

With Temporary Veneers, the Patient Has to Avoid the Following

  • The person should cut the foods in the bite size portion and to chew it using the back teeth and not to bite in something strong that can break or loosen up the temporary veneers
  • It is advised not to chew hard food like pizza crust, sandwiches, bagels, hard breads, ice nuts and hard candy. Too much force may make the material to detach away of the tooth surface
  • It is recommended not to floss while having temporary veneers since they may be pulled off.

How Will My Temporary Veneers Look?

For good or for worse, going through a major change is very difficult for most people. A smile makeover is no exception. One of the questions we are often asked is how will my temporary crowns or veneers look like. This question is usually asked either because of past experience or may have heard from friends that they are horrible and have to hide from the public. Unfortunately the perception is already set that they are in for a rough couple of weeks until they get the actual veneers or crowns. This definitely should not be the case. There are a couple of reasons why we place temporaries.

  • One is for protection of the tooth.
  • Second it allows for a preview of the final restorations.

At Anacapa Dental Art Institute we fabricate them as close as possible to the final restorations. For the next few days we follow up on these temporaries and make assessments about the shape and color. This allows us to refine the temporaries and determine how we want the actual veneers and crown to look like. That being said there are a couple of shortcomings with temporary veneers that we need to be aware of.

1) They are made of Acrylic and not porcelain
2) They are one shade only and not layered like you can in porcelain
3) Temporary veneers are connected and can’t be flossed

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