If you are someone that has considered dental implants, but are still unsure about the benefits of the treatment, here are ten good reasons why implants are the best available solution to tooth loss…

#1. They Have A Natural Appearance

Dental implants are simply the closest replacement to natural teeth. The crown (or prosthetic tooth) sits in exactly the same position to the gum line as a tooth, and therefore most people are unable to tell the difference between natural teeth and an implant. At Anacapa Dental Art Institute, Oxnard, CA we strive to achieve the best possible results in terms of the colour of our implant crowns, to guarantee that the restoration looks 100% natural.

#2. They Behave Like A Normal Tooth

Dental implants function like a natural tooth does allowing you to eat the foods you choose. An implant consists of a small titanium screw which is inserted into a tiny hole in the jaw bone. Because the material is titanium, it naturally fuses with the bone, creating a superbly strong artificial root.

#3. No Damage Is Done to Other Teeth

Dental implants replace a single tooth with a single tooth, without any unnecessary damage to other teeth. However, conventional bridges on the other hand, reduce the two healthy teeth adjacent to a gap to support the structure. Unlike a traditional bridge, an implant has no effect on adjacent teeth and can be easily cleaned and flossed, just as a natural tooth can be.

#4. They Can be Cost Effective

The ADA recently stated that ‘over the longer term, implants are usually a more cost-effective and satisfactory option.’ The life expectancy of a bridge is around 10 years, but when you consider that an implant is a permanent solution that will not decay or cause any complications to surrounding teeth, it is clearly more cost effective in the long run.

#5. They Can Last a Lifetime

The longevity of a dental implant is generally very high with an average success rate of 95% after 10 years.  In our experience, dental implants provide a highly predictable solution to replace missing teeth.  Like natural teeth, if you follow appropriate homecare advice, attend regular dental appointments and maintain a healthy lifestyle, dental implants should last you a lifetime. Unlike other dental procedures, implants are a one-time investment that can be a long-term solution.

#6 You Can Eat Whatever You Like!

Having dentures, or loose, failing or missing teeth, can mean that people are forced to avoid any foods which are crunchy or chewy, which can be very frustrating. Many of our patients talk about how frustrating it is to avoid such foods and miss out on the joys of chewing a juicy steak, or crunching on a crispy apple. However, the strength and stability of implants means all these foods needn’t be avoided.

#7. You Can Be Confident About Your Smile

48% of the population in the USA are unhappy with their smile and consequently they miss out on all of the natural benefits smiling brings. Smiling can reduce stress, make you more attractive, calm you down, lift a bad mood- you can even make another person happy with a smile! Restoring your smile or replacing missing teeth, with the most natural solution available, will allow you to confidently smile again.

#8. People Won’t Know You Have Implants

Many of our patients say, that when they meet people for the first time, they are entirely unaware that they have implants. Many others choose not to reveal the fact that they have implants. This invisibility and reliability of implants means that people no longer feel self-conscious about their smile. Unlike dentures, implants do not need to be routinely removed as implants are easily maintained and cleaned like natural teeth, allowing you to get on with your life without any embarrassment or discomfort.

#9. They Will Prevent Aging

The reduction in jaw bone tissue that bridges or dentures cause, can often result in the aging of a patient’s face. Implants however, prevent this bone loss, thus helping to retain the natural shape of the jaw.

#10. They Will Restore Your Self-esteem And Enhance Your Lifestyle

Because implants are invisible, discreet, reliable, stable and aesthetically natural- it goes without saying that they will inevitably enhance your self-confidence, increase self-esteem and improve appearance, resulting in a more enjoyable lifestyle.

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