One of our primary goals at Anacapa Dental Art Institute is to help patients preserve good oral health and prevent damage to the teeth and gums. While we strive to help patients avoid oral complications, we know that it is normal for patients to experience some degree of damage or decay. To protect the teeth and prevent problems from becoming even more complicated, our experienced dentists offer a full range of restorative dentistry services that address oral health problems. Two of the most common restorative dental services are dental fillings and dental crowns. While both have their own distinct advantages, when it comes to choosing between dental fillings vs. crowns for our Oxnard, Ventura County patients, it will really come down to examining the teeth to determine how much damage is present.

Dental Fillings

Most patients undergo dental filling treatment at some point in their lives. A dental filling is a common restoration that is used to address minor to moderate cases of tooth decay. Tooth decay begins when bacteria surrounds the teeth and gums and leads to the formation of plaque and tartar. These substances can eat away at tooth enamel and cause small holes to form in the protective layer of the tooth.

When tooth decay is caught in its early stages (when it is commonly known as a cavity), a dental filling should be ample treatment. These direct restorations rebuild tooth structure that has been lost to decay by filling in holes on the tooth’s surface and sealing off the tooth to protect its inner layer of pulp and nerves. By cleaning the tooth and restoring it with a dental filling, our dentists can effectively repair a tooth that has suffered from minor damage.

Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are not as common as dental fillings, but they are frequently used to address more serious cases of damage or tooth decay. A dental crown may be necessary if a significant portion of the tooth has been compromised by advanced stages of tooth decay or an oral injury. This damage leaves the center of the tooth vulnerable to infection and even tooth loss, so it is important to restore the tooth as soon as possible.

Dental crown treatment involves a deep cleaning of the tooth to eliminate any material that has been damaged. Once the tooth has been reshaped, a mold will be taken of the teeth and specifications for the dental crown will be determined. A dental crown is an indirect restoration that is fabricated in a dental lab. It is designed with fit, shape, and color in mind so that it will blend in nicely with the patient’s natural teeth. When the crown is complete, it will fit over the tooth so that the natural tooth is completely surrounded by a strong, protective layer. Once bonded into place, a dental crown can restore the strength, function, and beauty of a previously damaged tooth.

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