(Based on a Survey of 350 Dental Implant Patients)

  1. Knowing what you know now, would you have the treatment again?

98% said yes

  1. Was the treatment worth the investment?

98% said yes

  1. Was there a significant improvement in your ability to eat and chew?

97% said yes

  1. Was there a significant improvement in appearance?

98% said yes

  1. Was there a significant overall improvement?

96% said yes

Statistics are great but the success stories really tell it all….
“I delayed writing this testimonial until the pictures from my son’s wedding arrived. For the first time in well over twenty years there I was with a full natural smile, teeth showing. For the last several months since the procedure I have been able to speak in public and socialize freely without being constantly concerned about smiling too broadly, showing gaps in my smile from missing teeth. I have also been able to eat without pain, chewing freely without fear of a loose denture and poor digestion. I come from a family with a long history of bad teeth, bad bone structure and that combined with the fear of dentists lead to many of many dental problems. I have never been as comfortable going to a dentist as I have been with Dr. Jivraj!! The comfort begins with his support staff and extends to Dr. Jivraj and his dental team. The staff is very supportive, understanding and listened to my needs and fears. The dental Procedures are explained step by step with no surprises, which was important to me. The quality of care is excellent. The dental procedure was extensive and yet remarkably free from pain. The sedation provided was truly amazing, the procedures went flawlessly and the follow-up dental care has been terrific! 

In summary I would recommend Dr. Jivraj without hesitation to anyone needing extensive dental procedures. The care I have received has been nothing short of amazing and I owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to Dr. Jivraj and his entire Staff!”

Actual Sedation and Implant Dentistry Patient

“My Success story goes something like this. At the age of 9 years old I stopped smiling. I was teased by other children and by my own siblings all my childhood. I decided that no one would get the opportunity to make fun of me anymore so I stopped smiling. As I grew older not having a smile hindered me from many opportunities for personal growth.  Low self esteem became my greatest enemy due to my fear of smiling. What would people think of me whenever they looked at me and saw my crooked and discolored teeth was all I could think about. For many years I sought out many dental professionals for help only to walk away feeling hopeless. Most dental professionals would reprimand me saying “I was at fault for the condition of my teeth”. But somehow through all the years of hearing that I kept hope alive deep within my heart. I dreamed that someday I would possess a beautiful smile and I would be able to speak eloquently without fearing that someone would be looking at my teeth and judging me.

June of 2010, I had a date with destiny. I met Dr. Jivraj and his staff for a free consult. Then I quickly scheduled a second appointment to hear the findings of my first appointment and whether there was something that could be done for me. Dr. Jivraj informed me that I would be a good candidate for dental implants. Needless to say I felt overjoyed and finally I could see a dream long awaited coming true.

On January 3, 2011 Dr. Jivraj and his kind staff unveiled my new smile. My self esteem soared through the roof. I have confidence that I never had before. I feel I can finally reach and attain my life goals. Dr. Jivraj, I thank you and your staff for making me feel special throughout the visits, surgery and finally my new smile. I’m forever grateful to all of you!

Sincerely…………Actual Patients All-On-4 Implants

Let me tell you how the process of going from an upper denture and a few lower working teeth with a partial went for me. Every few years or so would have a lower tooth flare up on me and give me really bad tooth aches. Where my tooth would hurt for days and keep me up at night. Sometimes it would even swell up and as a Chiropractor myself you can imagine how bad that looks to my own patients. I knew after years of neglect that it was time to start taking care of my dental health. So I searched the web and found Dr. Jivraj’s office. After my initial visit I knew this was the place for me.

After my first and only big surgery I was sore for a couple of days, but I had pain pills to take care of that. It was on a Thursday and I was back to work functioning fine by the following Monday! That was great to not have to miss any work. Plus, I haven’t been in any pain the last two months with these temporary denture healing teeth. I never realized what a thorn my teeth used to be and how they were affecting my life in a negative way. I was always in pain. For the last 30 years I ‘ve been dealing with constant pain and infection in my body from my teeth. It’s amazing how much better my body has felt since I got my old infected teeth out of my body. I sleep better, don’t have ear aches anymore and my appetite is up! I’m just so much happier in general. I never realized how big of an impact my teeth could have on my happiness in life!

Actual Patient Teeth In One Day

“This is my story and how it begins with fillings, crowns, bridges, unable to eat certain foods and a limited smile. Finally, I realized it was time to decide between dentures or Dental Implants. After a great deal of thought dentures were not the solution.

I obtained all the information I could on implants and implant procedures. One day I seen an advertisement on Google from Dr. Jivraj. I waited several days before making my appointment. The receptionist gave me a warm welcome. I found the reception room and dental rooms very neat and clean. Dr. Jivraj was pleasant and explained in full detail about the procedure. I have my implants now. My smile is back and I am able to eat a variety of foods. Dr. Jivraj and the staff were wonderful and patient throughout the procedure.”

Actual Implant and Sedation Dentistry Patient

“Based on previous experiences at other dental offices over the years, I found that even minor surgery was always very painful afterwards. My surgery was pretty serious that Dr. Jivraj had to perform but I was AMAZED at how comfortable I was after my surgery. I was virtually pain-free, and I don’t remember a thing, unbelievable!” 

Actual Implant and Sedation Patient,

“I’ve only had my implants for 2 weeks and I can eat all the foods I want again!  I don’t even want to think about how bad things were before. I can smile again. My life has been changed.” 

Actual Implant Dentistry Patient

“Due to many years of not having dental insurance and not being the best at oral care, my teeth had become embarrassing to me. The front two overlapped, some were missing, and I was seemingly always having some sort of abscess or other oral issues.

I decided to get proactive about my dental health and was looking for a dentist who could provide solutions to my problems. I came to Dr. Jivraj for a consultation. He offered it for free and it was very thorough.  Dr. Jivraj made me feel comfortable. I could feel his compassion about his profession and I knew I could trust him to take care of me.

The solution was to be fitted with implanted teeth. It started with the extraction of my poorest teeth (leaving me with 7 of my own natural teeth) and I was immediately fitted with a denture to use while my mouth healed. The drugs used for this first procedure were completely effective at numbing the pain senses and I was back at work in 4 days. At this stage it was very nice to have a mouth full of teeth that could actually grind and chew food and the fact that I could smile without embarrassment.

The next steps were equally pain free; Dr. Jivraj and his staff always provided me with the best of care and treatment. Now that my implant dental work is complete, I will continue to see Dr. Jivraj and his team to provide my regular dental care.

Actual Implant Dentistry Patient, Banker

“Because I have a full mouth of teeth now, I’m not afraid to smile. I’ve received so many compliments on the brightness of my smile. I feel much better about myself.”

Actual Implant & Sedation Dentistry and Cosmetic    Denture Patient

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