When you have teeth that are damaged, or cosmetically flawed in other ways, the most immediate and significant impact it will have is on the appearance of your smile.

But sadly, that’s only the beginning.
Dental veneers are custom-made, thin shells of durable ceramic that are bonded to your natural teeth. They’re considered a definitive solution, so only consider dental veneers if you’re certain you want to change your smile for good.
When your teeth are damaged or have cosmetic flaws, your smile is significantly affected. You are likely to end up embarrassed by your look, insecure, and stressed by your look. This will significantly spoil various special, fun, and memorable occasions throughout your life. You are likely to focus on hiding your stained, cracked, or misshapen teeth whenever you are talking to anyone. Limiting this emotional turmoil makes you avoid socializing pursuing hobbies, and taking up professional opportunities. Luckily, you can visit an Oxnard cosmetic dentist Dr. Saj Jivraj for cosmetic dentistry to restore your smile.

You Can Make It Disappear With Dental Veneers!

When you come to our Oxnard near Camarillo, CA dental office for cosmetic dentistry, we can make all your embarrassing smile flaws disappear with veneers! These translucent shells are custom-made to your desired fit, color, and shape and are then bonded over your own teeth to dramatically transform your smile.

Here are some specific problems dental veneers can hide:

#1 Dental Veneers Cover Severely Damaged or Worn Teeth

If your teeth look short or have chips and cracks, it might be making you look older or suggest that you have poor oral hygiene habits. Small or chipped and discolored teeth sometimes keep people from smiling and expressing themselves fully. Porcelain veneers cover damaged teeth and restore the proper length, color, and shape of teeth.

#2 Protecting Cracked or Chipped Teeth

A cracked or chipped tooth is also a weakened tooth. That means a patient wants to do something that provides some amount of strength to the tooth. Opting for veneers permits a candidate to resolve the problem on two levels. First, the veneers are strong enough to lessen the pressure on the tooth when chewing. That means the chip or crack is not likely to get worse.

The veneer also obscures the crack or chipped area. When applied correctly, no one will know the tooth has sustained any damage. In some cases, the dentist may suggest pairing the veneer with a crown for ideal benefits.

#3 Hiding Permanent Stains

Many of us just can’t start the day without at least one cup of coffee.

Or we might enjoy red wine every now and then with dinner.

Whatever dark foods or drinks you can’t resist, the eventual price you pay is stained teeth.

But the whiteness of your teeth will fade over the years for a host of other reasons, too, from poor oral hygiene to health complications to certain prescription medications.

Even aging turns a bright smile dingy.

With dental veneers, though, your smile is perfectly color matched to look radiant, yet natural. They even repel stains for years so you won’t have to worry about dark stains anymore!

#4 Dental Veneers Change the Shape of Your Smile

If you have a gummy smile or naturally irregular-looking teeth, you might envy celebrity smiles with their perfect shape and color. If you polled a group of celebrities, you would likely find that many of them have had dental work to improve their smiles.

Dr. Jivraj will discuss your ideal smile and look through pictures of smiles you admire so that he can plan veneers to meet your goals and expectations.

#5 Filling in the Missing Gaps

Is there a small gap between some teeth? Bonding is one answer, but veneers are also worth researching. Since veneers can add an amount of bulk to the teeth, they can be used to plug in those gaps. This solution guarantees that the teeth still seem to be appropriately proportioned and look entirely natural. Thanks to the fact that the veneers can be colored to match the hue of the teeth, people will notice the patient’s smile is more beautiful without really knowing why.

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