smile makeover consultation is the first important step towards getting your teeth to look the way you have always wanted them to. We all worry about the way our teeth look. It is one of the first things people notice about us and its normal to be reluctant to show them off if you are not happy about the way they look.

smile makeover can fix any issues you may have with your teeth. Just make sure you let the dentist know what you are unsatisfied with and how you want your teeth to look. Regardless of the condition of a person’s teeth, there is a dental treatment that can fix it up.

What Is a Smile Makeover?

A smile makeover aims to completely transform a smile and is typically done so by combining more than one treatment. Not only will your results be aesthetic, but will function well also.

Treatments often used in a smile makeover may include any combination of the following:

Important Questions to Ask During A Smile Makeover Consultation

#1 Does Your Dentist Have the Qualifications You Need?

Just about every dental office offers treatments to improve your smile, but not all dentists are committed to providing excellent cosmetic dentistry. Be sure you consider a dental provider that dedicates time to continue education and staying up to date with the latest treatments and techniques. Dr. Saj Jivraj, at Anacapa Dental Art Institute is so dedicated to advancing his skills and knowledge, teaching other dentists the most advanced cosmetic dentistry techniques. You can rest assured that any treatments recommended will utilize the very best state-of-the-art technologies.

#2 Will My Smile Makeover Look Natural?

We have all seen people with ultra-white teeth that are not a flattering shade or shape, but an experienced dentist will focus on evaluating your goals for treatment, your dental health, and functional needs. Dr. Jivraj individually designs every smile makeover, considering your gender and facial structure, and your aims for treatment, creating a look that is unique and naturally beautiful.

#3 Which Procedures Are Recommended?

Patients should find out which treatments will be performed during their smile consultation. Most smile makeovers consist of multiple treatments and a good dentist will inform the patient about the treatments and if there are any alternatives.

The dentist should be willing to find the most effective and economical solution for the patient.

#4 Do You Have Experience with these Aesthetic Procedures?

A general dentist does general cleanings, exams, x-rays, and dental treatments such as fillings, root canals and crowns. While a cosmetic dentist’s additional education is key, their experience in performing the various procedures used in a smile makeover is important. Since these procedures require a combination of dental skill and artistic craft, look for a cosmetic dentist that well-versed in performing these types of cosmetic procedures. You want a cosmetic dentist who will understand your aesthetic goals as well as have the necessary skills and experience to give you great results.

#5 How Much Does Everything Cost?

Before starting smile makeover treatments, patients should find out what their total bill will be for everything. They should also find out if the treatments will be covered by their insurance provider or if they will need to foot the bill.

Getting all this sorted out prevents the patient from being overwhelmed with bills during the treatment.

Need A Smile Makeover in Oxnard, Ventura County?

A smile makeover consultation is the right time to explore your options and move towards getting the smile of your dreams. Have a great time and ask all the questions that come into your mind.

Anacapa Dental Art Institute is proud of their dedicated service to Ventura County. Lead by world-renowned top cosmetic prosthodontist Dr. Jivraj and his expert staff, Anacapa has the expertise and facility to handle whatever your cosmetic dental situation may be. Whether it’s a tooth whitening or a full mouth reconstruction, expect nothing but some of the best dental care Ventura County has available.

Call today for a private consultation. Renew your smile, renew your life.


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