Tooth loss is often quite minor, affecting one or two teeth here and there. Some patients have the more severe issue of full-arch tooth loss. In such instances, a disease has usually led to a need for extraction. Once the disease has been appropriately treated, the secondary concern is how teeth will be replaced. Today, most patients are good candidates for dental implant treatment to restore full functionality to the smile.

Full arch tooth replacement describes the use of a denture to replace natural teeth across an entire upper or lower arch. Not just dentures, though, a denture that is supported by several dental implants. The development of extensive dental implant procedures has paved the way for more patients to regain the comfort and confidence they had with natural, root-stabilized teeth. The structural soundness of the implant supported fixture means far less, if any, difficulty with eating, speaking, and self-confidence.

Why Full Arch Tooth Replacement Makes Sense For Smile Makeover?

If you’re missing all of your teeth in the upper and/or lower jaw, implant supported bridges or overdentures can offer many benefits over traditional dentures. You have the options of a permanent full bridge or smaller bridges that are attached to several dental implants, or a prosthesis that is securely attached to two or more dental implants but can be removed for easy cleaning and maintenance. Unlike traditional methods, implant supported dentures do not require adhesives.

With an implant-supported fixture, our patients can enjoy benefits that include:

  • When all teeth are missing or in such condition that they need to be replaced, a fixed bridge anchored to dental implants is the an excellent permanent solution.

Before dental implants, there were no fixed solutions available for people who lost all their teeth. Today, it is possible to replace a full jaw with dental implants and a fixed bridge that results in a permanent, stable and highly esthetic solution.

  • Is not taken in and out of your mouth
  • Lets you eat and function like having natural teeth
  • A solid, stable solution that can serve you for life
  • Preserves your facial appearance and prevents bone loss
  • Eliminate the discomfort and insecurity often associated with loose, ill fitting dentures.

Alternatives To A Fixed Bridge

A restorative problem that has seen a dramatic influx of so-called, esthetically advanced solutions is the fixed partial denture. One such system in the fixed bridge category is the Captek bridge system. Once a clinician understands the clinical requirements of this system, and develops a relationship with one of the company’s dedicated certified laboratories, there may be little reason to stay with traditional metal. The system shows excellent promise to make the jump from being a novel material to a normal, standard material. Understanding the nuances of this system, in addition to applying solid crown and bridge principles, helps the dentist to achieve predictable, highly esthetic results.

Implant Retained Overdenture With Attachments

An alternative to a fixed bridge is a removable full denture, which is anchored on implants that have attachments screwed into them. The use of dental implants in replacing missing teeth is an integral part of restorative dental treatment. Use of conventional complete dentures is associated with several problems such as lack of denture stability, support and retention. However, when mandibular complete dentures were used with two or more implants, an improvement in the patients’ psychological and social well-being could be seen. There is general consensus that removable implant-supported overdentures (RISOs) with two implants should be considered as the first-choice standard of care for an edentulous mandible. This treatment option necessitates the use of attachment systems that connect the complete denture to the implant. Nevertheless, each attachment system has its inherent advantages and disadvantages, which should be considered when choosing a system. The first part of this article provides an overview on options available to restore the mandibular edentulous arch with dental implants. Different types of attachment systems, their features and drawbacks are also reviewed.

Removable, Implant Bar Retained Overdenture

Bar-retained implant overdentures (IODs) are a common treatment option in implant prosthodontics, and the implants that support the prosthetic restorations exhibit high survival rates. It has been discussed controversially if the number of implants or a placing of extensions on bars influence the clinical outcome of IODs. However, the data on the prevalence of biological complications remains limited. It has been proven that the bone resorption for IODs on prefabricated bars is lower in comparison with IODs on cast bars In contrast, a systematic review demonstrated similar bone loss around implants supporting IODs with different attachment designs. This retrospective study examined the survival and success rates as well as the prevalence of peri-implantitis of IODs retained by 3 different bar designs.

Removable Full Denture

Full or partial tooth loss, if left untreated, doesn’t just affect a person’s self-image — it can also increase the risk of developing nutritional problems and other systemic health disorders. Fortunately, there’s a reliable and time-tested method for treating this condition: full or partial dentures.

Dentures are just one option for replacing missing teeth; some of the others include fixed bridgework and dental implants. Each method has its particular pluses and minuses, which should be carefully considered. There are also several varieties of dentures available to address specific issues, from partial dentures to implant-supported overdentures. The best option for you will depend on your individual situation.

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