Thanks to revolutionary new advances in cosmetic dentistry, it is now possible to fully replace an arch of teeth in just one day.  Not only that, but this arch of teeth can be fully functional — immediately — right when you get home from the dentist. It seems like something out of science fiction, but with Anacapa Dental Art Institute’s AO4+ Smile Solution (Teeth In One Day), it’s completely commonplace. We are able to fully restore your smile, with workable teeth, in a single visit to our Oxnard near Camarillo dental practice.

The procedure is minimally invasive with reduced recovery time and minimal downtime compared to more traditional (old fashioned) methods.

Who Is Eligible to Get New Teeth in a Day?

Anacapa Dental Art Institute’s AO4+ Smile Solution is typically suitable for people with significant adult tooth loss or immense tooth decay and deterioration that results in a need to remove the affected teeth. It’s also a great choice for those who are already using uncomfortable dentures and are looking for better options for fit and functionality.

Our AO4+ Smile Solution (Teeth In One Day Procedure) is, in all actuality, for just about everyone, even if you’ve been ineligible for traditional dental implants. By using the latest 3D computer imaging technology, we can create a hyper-accurate picture of the anatomical structures of your jaw bone so that the best, most suitable implant placement can be fitted. That way, there is no costly or painful bone grafting procedures.

All you need to do to find out if you’re eligible is contact Dr. Saj Jivraj by clicking here and arrange a Complimentary consultation appointment. We will examine and diagnose your situation.

What Should You Know About Getting New Teeth in a Day?

  • Although Teeth-in-a-Day is faster and more efficient than other implant procedures, it still involves careful, precise planning.
  • Age doesn’t play a large factor in determining your eligibility for this particular procedure. Even patients over the age of 90 can get implants as long as they meet our criteria (and they often do).
  • Implant positioning will primarily be determined by the thickness of the bone around the jaw area.
  • This procedure allows you to preserve the original gum and bone structure in your mouth as much as possible.
  • Because this procedure requires fewer implants than other, more traditional procedures, it typically ends up costing less.

On average people require between four and eight dental implants to secure one full jaw of teeth. This makes Teeth-in-a-Day an ideal alternative if you have insufficient bone density in your jaw area and have been ruled out as a candidate for other traditional implant options.

Important Things to Keep in Mind:

This procedure is much different from traditional dental implants. Because of this, special training is required. That’s why Dr. Saj Jivraj has been specially trained to deliver this specialized implant treatment procedure.

Be aware of the “mini implants” advertised by other dentists in the Ventura County area. This implant service is designed to secure dentures to dental implants. Mini implants are not FDA approved as permanent implants and, because of their design, they do not fuse to the bone, which compromises jaw structure, which can actually cause the jaw bone to deteriorate over time. Not only that, most of them fail and need to be removed in as little as five years after the procedure. The primary danger lies in their potential to create infection in the jaw, which may result in lowered bone density so that properly-sized dental implants are impossible to place in the future.

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Anacapa Dental Art Institute is proud of their dedicated service to Ventura County. Lead by world-renowned top cosmetic prothodontist Dr. Jivraj and his expert staff, Anacapa has the expertise and facility to handle whatever your cosmetic dental situation may be. Whether it’s a tooth whitening or a full mouth reconstruction, expect nothing but some of the best dental care Ventura County has available.

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