It’s National Migraine & Headache Awareness Month, and your Oxnard, CA dentist is invested in making our patients understand how this relates to their dental health.

People who grind their teeth and clench their jaw are often unaware they’re even doing it, and that’s because it’s commonly a nighttime habit.

But your dentist can tell there’s a problem by looking inside your mouth and spotting dental damage and worn-down teeth. You may also experience painful symptoms like frequent headaches, migraines, jaw and facial soreness, muscle tension, and more.

If any of this sounds familiar, we encourage you to visit us for a proper diagnosis and customized solutions for teeth grinding and other unpleasant TMJ issues.

We can provide effective care so you start feeling better soon! Call Anacapa Dental Art Institute today at 805-800-8289 for an appointment. You can also schedule online.

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