Nobody anticipates needing emergency dental implants or having dental trauma to their mouth and teeth. Visiting a dental provider for an emergency dental implant can be a scary concept, but know that you have options. Talk with your dental surgical specialist about dental implants, and take time to research your surgeon before making an appointment. Depending on the trauma involved, the extent of your dental damage and the time frame, you may be able to elect a same-day technology that will send you home that very day with your signature smile!

If you need an implant, consider the following before visiting your dental professional:

Dental Trauma or Emergency

Trauma to your teeth can occur during a fall, a car accident or when playing your favorite sport. Breaking a tooth may involve a considerable amount of pain, depending on the extent and nerve damage incurred. In many cases, it is necessary to get emergency dental implants to remove the damaged tooth, repair any nerve damage, and replace with an implanted cap or filling material. In the city, it may be difficult to determine the best provider for your dental emergency, so do some online research. Also, ask your regular dental provider for recommendations — and referrals, if necessary — as to the best dental surgical specialist in Oxnard, Ventura.

Emergency Dental Implants

When you lose or damage a tooth due to an injury, gum disease, decay or a previous unsuccessful root canal, dental implants are a viable option. Losing a tooth is not uncommon, as around one-fourth of all adults lose their permanent teeth by the time they turn 74. Treatment in the past has included dental bridges and dentures, but more recently, dental implants offer a more aesthetically appealing approach. An implant involves a titanium screw attached to an artificial tooth, which is surgically implanted into the jaw. The process typically is a two-step process: a surgery to implant the titanium screw, and a return visit for surgery to attach the tooth to the screw once it has had time to fuse with the bones in your jaw, generally a few months later.

The Timeline for Implants

Regardless of the cause of the dental trauma, whether you have lost a tooth due to an accident or decay, it is important to repair or replace missing adult teeth. Ignoring tooth loss can result in difficulty talking and eating and can even cause changes in the structure and appearance of your face. When the tooth is lost, the bone supporting it begins to deteriorate; over time, this can create a sunken look, which ages your face. It may exacerbate to manifest issues with eating and speaking, as well. Talk with a surgical dental specialist regarding same-day dental implants, which streamline the two-part process for their patients, in an outpatient setting. Technology has created ways to curb the time needed for the titanium screw to fuse to the bones of the jaw and to provide a quick and easy solution to their dental trauma.

Contributing Considerations

There are other benefits and reasons for you to consider dental implants. Implants don’t require strong support from other teeth in the mouth, which make them a practical option for almost every mouth. Also, this “independence” protects and preserves the surrounding teeth that you have. Another perk of an implant is that you can avoid the typical challenges facing those who wear dentures, such as problems eating certain foods or a clicking sound when speaking. Aftercare is nothing outside of normal, recommended daily hygiene: Brush frequently, floss daily, and see your dentist for regular check-ups.

An unexpected visit to the dentist can be scary. Educate yourself about dental implants before seeing your surgeon to ensure you understand all of your options. Follow your provider’s advice regarding recovery, and seek medical attention if you experience prolonged nausea, pain or a fever.

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