The National Retail Federation reports that 94.3 percent of Americans will spend $2.5 billion on Halloween candy this year. You may claim that all those sweets are for the trick-or-treaters alone, but we know it’s nearly impossible to avoid indulging yourself. Even if you do manage to hand out every last piece of candy to Darth Vader and Princess Aurora, zombies and witches, there are still your kids’ treat bags to tempt you. Of course, you should be able to enjoy Halloween just like everyone else, but if you have cosmetic dentistry of any kind, choose your candy wisely.

I think we can all agree, once the trick or treaters have been and gone, we enjoy tucking into all the leftover candy! As delicious as these sweet treats are, they wreak havoc on our teeth.

With that in mind let’s dive into the worst Halloween candy for our pearly whites.

5 Halloween Candies to Avoid with Cosmetic Dentistry Work

1. Chewy Sweets

Chewy sweets are a terrible choice if you have a crown.

Although the unique cement that bonds your porcelain crown to your natural tooth is supposed to last for years, chewy candy can unravel even some of the highest quality dental work.

2. Hard Candy

Any candy that boasts a hard texture could result in a chipped tooth.

If you’re already suffering from tooth decay, you’re way more likely to feel the negative impacts of indulging in sugary sweets.

If you can’t resist these sweet treats, opt for softer candies. Generally speaking, chocolate is usually your best bet. It’s easily washed away, so the sugar doesn’t sit on the enamel for as long.

Plus, in most cases, it isn’t hard to chew, so the risk of breaking a tooth is minimal.

3. Sour Candies

Sticky, sugary, and sour candies, are usually very acidic.

This can weaken the hard coating on our teeth, which makes them more prone to damage.

4. Popcorn Balls

If you fancy a popcorn ball, then be sure to floss straight after.

As you probably already know, kernels have an annoying way of getting stuck in your teeth. This results in them sitting between your teeth and gums for an extending period, causing them to destroy your pearly whites slowly.

Plus, they’re pretty hard which as we’ve already discussed, isn’t a good thing!

5. Lollipops

When it comes to candy and oral hygiene, it’s usually more to do with how long the sugary sweets are in your mouth.

If you’re able to eat the candy quickly and then brush your teeth afterward, it’s way better for you than sucking on a lolly for an extended period.

Therefore any candy that can’t be chewed and swallowed quickly should be avoided.

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