We’d all love to avoid them, but the truth is that accidents happen. When you experience a dental injury such as knocked-out teeth or an intense toothache, your friends at Anacapa Dental Art Institute won’t let it slow you down this spring!

That’s because we’ve invested in the most advanced technology that allows us to provide fast, state-of-the-art solutions for all of your unexpected dental problems. We also make time in our schedule for emergencies so you can receive same-day care whenever possible.

Rebecca certainly appreciates our commitment to your comfort when time is of the essence!

Check out her video testimonial to hear about what Dr. Jivraj and our team were able to do to restore her smile after an accident left her with a few knocked-out teeth

Rebecca has been a happy patient with a beautiful smile ever since!

If you need same-day service to treat a dental injury this spring, call Anacapa Dental Art Institute right away at 805-800-8289 for an appointment in Oxnard, CA. You can also schedule online.