The Simple Act of Chewing Is a Significant Part of Overall Patient Health.

Are you familiar with the term “space bones”?

Astronauts who spend a lot of their time in a weightless environment often experience a serious decline in their bone mass. It has been estimated that around 1 percent of bone is lost for every month spent in zero gravity.

NASA calls this type of bone degradation “space bones.” But you don’t have to be in outer space to experience bone loss.

The statement “use it or lose it” definitely applies to good oral health.

Your mouth’s long-term health relies on chewing and the use of your jaw. So not using your jaw ultimately leads to a deteriorating jawline and a shrinking facial structure. This causes many problems, including an aged appearance, which is one critical reason specialists always recommend that people who are missing several teeth (or are experiencing widespread tooth decay) should look into a dental implant procedure to remedy the problem.

Dental Implants offer more benefits than just improving your appearance.

Better Speech

Dental implants have no risk of slipping or sliding out of place, which can be embarrassing when you slur of mumble over words due to failed denture adhesive. Dental implants, by comparison, are anchored in your jaw. This prevents them from moving or slipping because they act just like natural teeth.

Improved Comfort for the Wearer

Dentures involve an adjustment period, which can be uncomfortable and deter the individual from wearing them regularly. Implants eventually fuse with the surrounding jaw bone, making them a permanent fixture in the mouth and just as durable as natural teeth.

Improved Oral Health

Dental implants offer improved oral health over other types of teeth replacement options. There is less change of bone and gum loss and oral infections with dental implants than with dentures and bridges. Individuals with dental implants are also less likely to have denture breath due to inadequate or improper cleaning and/or old dentures.

Improves Chewing Function

When you are missing teeth, your ability to chew is compromised, and your other teeth are subjected to increased pressure, which can result in further tooth problems and oral health concerns. Dentures and partials cover soft tissues, which decrease your ability to taste and enjoy food. Dentures and partials can also result in avoiding certain foods for fear of the food getting stuck between the dental appliance and your gums or the roof of your mouth. Since dental implants take up the same space as a normal tooth, there is no need to alter your diet.

If your teeth are in need of some work, dental implants may be the answer you are looking for. You will want to meet with an experienced prosthodontist to discuss if you are a good candidate for this procedure and get all of your questions answered. Our team at Anacapa Dental Art Institute are happy to speak with you and schedule a consultation. We look forward to hearing from you.