Dental problems can be solved. That is our firm belief at Anacapa Dental Art Institute.

We know this because we have fixed a wide variety of problems and restored our patients’ healthy smile time and time again.

We have the talent, technology, and training to repair a damaged smile and keep it in great shape. Work with our dental professionals in Oxnard, CA if you want to restore and retain your healthy smile for decades to come.

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Replacing an Infected Tooth

An infection that forms at the root is somewhat visible near the gumline, but is more noticeable with digital X-rays. After taking out the tooth, we can perform a tissue graft in the affected area.

After the ridge of the upper jaw is repaired, we surgically place a dental implant with a provisional restoration. When all is finished, the replacement tooth looks and functions like a real tooth.

Smile Transformation

This video shows the before and after of turning an unhealthy smile into a healthy one. You can see how much the smile changes after the “bad” teeth have been replaced with implant-supported restorations.

This is possible, in part, because of our CT scanner. This generates three-dimensional images of your teeth and jawbones. That makes it easier to plan your procedure and to place your implants where they will provide the maximum benefits for you.

Get Your Smile Back in Shape

Don’t wait any longer to rebuild your smile and bring back your ability to bite and chew. Eat the foods you love. Speak clearly, and smile with confidence with your dental implants in Oxnard, CA.

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