One of the best things about modern dentistry is variety.

You don’t have to rely on just one method to fix problems with your smile.

There are more options available to you than ever before, even when it comes to closing gaps between your teeth. Rather than wearing metal braces for a couple of years, you can shift teeth into the right position in a matter of months with comfortable clear aligners.

Or simply give the illusion that you’ve had orthodontic care with cosmetic dentistry services like tooth bonding or custom veneers! When you visit your Oxnard, CA dentist for a consultation, we’ll go over a variety of solutions that would work so you can make more informed, confident decisions about your treatment plan.

Improvements in technology mean more options to choose from that suit your goals, budget, and schedule. You can also enjoy simplified procedures that are less invasive, more efficient, and more comfortable.

If you’ve been reluctant to improve your smile because you’ve assumed braces are the only way to get straight teeth, then come and explore our modern cosmetic solutions at Anacapa Dental Art Institute! Call us today at 805-800-8289 for an appointment. You can also schedule online.