You know the old saying… “You get what you pay for.” It’s true for houses, cars and pretty much anything in life that requires a significant investment. Dental implants are no different. There is a race in online, print and TV ads to push the lowest dental implant cost.
If you have a missing tooth and are considering dental implants, it’s important to think about the long-term ramifications of which dental brand and dental practice you choose. After all, dental implants are supposed to last a lifetime (with proper care). So ask yourself: are low-cost dental implants really worth it? Do you want to pay double to have them redone? With a 95% success rate, you shouldn’t have to pay for dental implants twice… if you chose the right doctor.

The Real Cost of Bargain Dental Implants

When it comes to dental implants, there’s been a cost war to advertise the lowest price.
For example, you may have seen those deals on sites like Groupon that advertise dental implants for $499-999 or so. But are they as really as good of a deal as they appear?
Many “bargain dental implants” don’t cover the full cost of the complete dental implant procedure.
For example, extracting the old tooth may not be included. Or the crown may be an extra cost. They might not even cover the cost to sterilize your mouth! If you see deals like this, be sure to read the fine print and ask the right questions to understand their true cost. It’s likely too good to be true.
About 30-40% of patients who come to Dr. Jivraj need a dental implant redone. You shouldn’t have to pay for an implant twice. Choose a highly-trained specialist, like like Dr. Jivraj, a prosthodontist with extra training and experience. He is a leading dental implant lecturer and provides top-notch work to all of his patients.

Why High-Quality Dental Implants Cost What They Do

There’s a reason why high-quality dental implants usually come with a significant investment. They’re designed to last around 20 years with proper care — wouldn’t you expect something that lasts two decades to have a cost reflective of that?

Here Are Three Other Reasons Why High-Quality Dental Implants Cost What They Do:

#1 Quality, Lasting Material – From the implant to the abutment and crown, high-quality dental implants are made with highly durable material that lasts. In fact, your high-quality dental implant uses the same material NASA uses for space shuttles and rockets!

#2 Superior Esthetics – Bargain dental implants may look unnatural or out of place, but high-quality dental implants are precisely customized to match the shade, shape and size of your natural teeth. This means they’ll blend in and optimize your smile without causing a distraction.

#3 Training/Experience – If you choose a dental implant dentist or prosthodontist who has the extra education, skills and training, you won’t have to pay to have your dental implants redone. Many practices have to repair faulty implant work done by other dentists for up to 30% of their patients. With a high-quality dental implant, you’ll get it done right the first time.

If you’re considering dental implants, don’t be fooled by low-cost advertisements. Choose quality care for your mouth and health. Call today for a complimentary dental implant consult.

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