It used to be that cosmetic dentistry was very expensive and very few people could afford it. Today there are many dentists who specialize in cosmetic dentistry at very affordable prices. In the past it was also true that if you have tooth damage your only choice of treatment was to have the tooth removed. But today your dentist has many successful options to help save the tooth and relieve your pain.

Millions of people worldwide have already benefitted from having dental implants. A dental implant is the only method of tooth replacement that helps preserve bone and which doesn’t have any negative effect on the adjacent natural teeth. Well-planned dental implants can restore your smile, and should look and feel exactly like a natural tooth. There is little doubt that this treatment is excellent, but in spite of this it’s still quite a big step for many people to consider.

#1 Cosmetic Dentistry… Where Do We Begin?

The first step of any cosmetic dentistry case in our office is a consultation with the dentist. We choose to structure our day so that we have plenty of time to sit with patients during this consultation and answer all of your questions, as well as to determine what is really important to you about your smile. During this consultation, you will sit with a mirror and show us what you would like changed about your smile, and we can have a realistic discussion of both of our expectations.

The second thing about doing your research is make sure you research on the practice that gives you all the options that’s available in modern-day dentistry. If you go to a practice that only offers you one or two different kinds of treatments, what will happen is that your options and choices might me limited to that one or two options, and you’re not given the advantage of getting all the options available today. So, it may limit the success or the process of your cosmetic smile makeover.

#2 Schedule Your Cosmetic Consult

Remember to book in for a cosmetic consult, because you still will need professional advice. When you see a dentist, be certain to communicate with him really well on what you would like to achieve. Talk to me about the costs, the pros, and the cons, and be sure to take notes from the conversation. If not, the dentist should be able to provide you with a written copy of the cost, the pros, and the cons for the options so that you can go home, have a discussion with your friends or family, and make and informed decision. That’s really important for the success and the longevity of your cosmetic work, because once you do it, you don’t want to go back and redo it again. Because, do it once, do it well, and never do it again.

#3 What Does It Look Like?

What I like you to do is to actually go somewhere that allows you to get a trial smile, or to test drive the smile that you like. Because, when you’ve got a smile makeover or you’re intending to do something like that, test driving something gives you peace of mind in terms of what it should be, or what it should feel like. It has to be a physical thing that’s been placed in the mouth, so you get to go home with it for a day or two, or even up to a few weeks, to see the size, the shape, the feeling. Get comments from your friends and family, because that way you know that when it’s permanently placed in the mouth, it’s going to be spot on to exactly where you want it to be. That’s crucial in terms of getting the smile that you want, because again, once you do it once, do it well, never do it again.

#4 What You Pay Is What You Get

All of these steps take time, but in the end we find it makes our cosmetic cases more predictable and more enjoyable for us, and for the patient. Check out this case of a patient who didn’t like his four front teeth. We used this exact same process to let him preview the changes we could make to his smile. The second picture is our mock up of the case placed right on top of the patients existing smile. Without making any permanent changes to his teeth, he could see what the finished product would look like! No matter how big or small the changes you would like to make, we can help you create a customized plan to get you to a confident smile.

#5 Get This One Once And For All

What I’d like you to remember is be certain that when you do all this sort of treatment, you want to get this one once and for all, and never repeat again, because whenever you do a cosmetic process, it’s permanent. Remember, when it’s permanent, you don’t want to be taking it off and on because, number one, it wastes time, it wastes money, and at the same time, you’ll be quite tired of repeating the process all over again.

So, do your research well, find the right dentist, and once you follow these four to five steps that I’ve given you, I assure you your process of getting the smile of your dreams would really come true.

If you find that this information that I’ve given you has benefited you in any way or whatsoever, feel free to share this with your friends and family who might be going through the same process as you. Because one of our missions at Anacapa Dental Art Institute is to spread the love of having a confident, happy smile. If you can help me with that, I think that will fulfill a little part of my mission, whether they come to see us or not, as long as they’re aware of the options that’s available out there, see the dentist of your choice, get all the information, and love to see you again.

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