If you’ve made New Year’s resolutions to improve your overall health, start by making sure your teeth are up to the challenge!

Weak, damaged, and missing teeth make eating difficult and often painful. To mitigate the discomfort, you may try to limit yourself to softer foods or simply eat less in general. 

Even dentures aren’t always helpful in terms of eating a wide variety of healthy foods. 

Either way, your overall health depends on the full, comfortable function of your mouth so your bite is strong enough to handle a proper nutritious diet.

Dental implants are the superior restorative solution. They’re the only replacement method that takes the missing tooth root into account, attaching itself to your jawbone naturally and securing the restoration firmly in place.

That’s why tooth loss patients who choose dental implants are able to resume a normal diet, chew food thoroughly for better digestion, and enjoy better nutrition and health overall.

Are you ready to eat well and live well in 2024?

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