Last time we went into the basic kinds of dentistry that Dr. Jivraj offers as part of a comprehensive solution for your dental health.

Here Are the Not Commonly Seen Services Are That Set Us Apart from All the Rest

Cosmetic Dentistry Services – Virtual smile makeovers allow you and Dr. Jivraj to design any smile to give you the look you’ve always wanted or the look you once had.

– Rapid Whitening to give you white, bright teeth in about an hour.

– Power Whitening – If Hollywood white is your goal, then this is the technique for you.

– Super-Strong tooth-colored materials so teeth don’t look gray or dark at the gum line… giving natural looking teeth.

– Teeth in 1 Day Techniques

– Full cosmetic consultations for challenging, difficult situations – restoring smiling and chewing to how they should be.

– Special computer simulation techniques that allow us to show you a digital image of what tooth replacement will look like for your situation

– DNA testing that helps determine your risk for problems related to your gum and bone structure

– DNA testing that can show if you are at a higher risk for heart disease

– DNA bacterial tests that allow us to figure out which specific antibiotic works for a particular dental infection instead of guessing as the other 99% of dentists’ do

– Bad Breath Evaluation and Treatment

– Advanced Computerized diagnostics for jaw, joint problems and physiologically based dental reconstructions.

– Advanced three dimensional x-rays

– Advanced laser diagnostics

– Dental Implant Therapy – To replace missing teeth and rebuild smiles, performing all aspects of the treatment, surgery and restoration.

– Advanced Gum Therapy – Which includes using dental lasers, plastic surgery for your gums to make them look right, regenerative surgery using bone grafts to rebuild missing bone, specialized antibiotics to treat resistant gum disease.

Customized Cosmetic Dentures – Teeth that look stunning and natural. Dr. Jivraj is the only Oxnard, Ventura County dentist to import special cosmetic teeth from Switzerland.  Photos of our patients with these teeth fool dentists who attend Dr. Jivraj’s teaching lectures.

– Intra-oral video and digital cameras – so you can see what we see when we look into your mouth.

– FDA Approved Migraine Headache Prevention – that is 77% effective in reducing migraine headaches!

– And we offer Decay Preventing Sealants that wear 100 times better than Regular sealants – something every parent wants for their children.

Finally, and perhaps even more importantly, many patients say they really like the fact that they don’t get “sent running all over town” for their services.

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